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CDN Lighting (Huizhou CDN Industrial Development Co., Ltd.)

Provides high-end lighting solutions to the hospitality industry, commercial real estates, retail establishments, mus...

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    No. A17, Xianghe West Road, Dongjiang Industrial District, Shuikou Town, Huizhou, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
CDN Lighting is a premier provider of high-end lighting solutions to the hospitality industry, commercial real estates, retail establishments, museum and art galleries. CDN Lighting established a practice of designing high quality value-engineered and aesthetically pleasing lighting products to complement, instead of competing with, a diverse spectrum of architectural designs.

CDN Lighting is dedicated to understanding the unique characteristics of architectural space. By leveraging its creative team of in-house designers and maintaining a close relationship with the global design community, CDN Lighting identifies customer needs often overlooked by industry peers and develop innovative solutions to meet those needs. CDN lighting solutions elevate clients' brand appeal, deliver differentiating guest experience, simplify lighting control, reduce building operations and maintenance, and support sustainability practices.

CDN Lighting differentiates itself from competition with its intimate knowledge of various client market sectors. With over 10 years’ experience in hospitality lighting, CDN Lighting's extensive market knowledge translates to one the of the best hotel lighting collections in the world. The company's inspiring hotel lighting solutions are designed to reinforce hotel's identity and prominence, reveals details, and create a memorable impression. All these benefits result in reinforcing the hotel brand and provide positive world of mouth references, which are critical to the success of the business. CDN museum lighting solutions bring out the true colors and beauty in artwork in museums and art galleries with a perfect balance of the interactive impact of lighting on museum occupants, artworks and the environment. Impressive ongoing performance of CDN retail and merchandise display lighting creates an immersive viewing experience for consumers and a superior selling environment. CDN Lighting offers commercial real estate owners compelling lighting solutions with best-in-class total cost of ownership to make their projects unique and stand out.

Designed to combine top performance and energy efficiency with visually appealing design, CDN's luminaires have been selected for use in a multitude of luxury hotels, shopping centers, retail outlets of top brands, deluxe commercial properties and art centers. Among its innovative and high quality lighting products are LED downlights, LED track lights, linear lights, wall lights, ceiling lights, wall washers, underground lights, flood lights, lawn lights, etc. BACH III is a range of LED downlights specially developed for high-end hotels. The elegant profile shares the same balance and elegance of classicism as with BACH's music. A number of modular designs distinguish the luminaire with different styles and exceptional lighting experience. With the proprietary optic technology, BACH offers refined aesthetics sensitive to the needs of the project occupants and the environment.

CDN Lighting operates an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14000:2004 compliant manufacturing facility which is vertically integrated with sophisticated tooling, machining, engineering, assembling, powder coating, and testing equipment. The company's in-house Lighting Experience Center showcases its innovative lighting solutions and latest LED technology to offer an interactive exploration of applications in a variety of spaces and customer applications.
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